Fruity Bubble Wrap

Surely this is a key contender for Bin 101...the small rectangles of bubble wrap that can be found at the bottom of fruit punnets! A comfy little bed for soft fruit like strawberries and raspberries.

Get out of here! I don't want them in the first place. Too good to be binned but not good enough for recycling!

UPDATE: Hooray...The Bubble Wrap got a good sending off to BIN 101, with 100% of voters voting YES!


Rachelle said...

:D too funny. This site is like our Dustbin demon I've often wondered about that little piece of bubble wrap too. I guess it's there to protect delicate bottoms and of course it weighs a little something so the supermarket can get more out of you ;)

I wrote about those tiny bits of plastic that hold tags onto things this month grrrrrrr. Next month I think it will be those 'vouchers' that are no longer bits of paper but are like credit cards. WTF??

Good luck with your new site :)

Kate said...

You could use them to provide little bits of mobile stress relief if they made them a little bit...poppier. At the moment they're a bit half-hearted.


Well guys it looks like the bubble wrap is being sent to BIN 101. thanks for voting.

Mrs G...those plastic bits...they are frustrating and I completely agree with your those voucher cards. Those are a prime candidate. I'm looking forward to next month's dustbin demon. Between us, we will have cracked all that's crap in this world of unnecessary clutter. ;-D

Hi Kate...they are a bit lacking on the popping front aren't they, which makes them even more useless :-D

So without further ado let's open BIN 101 and let them float in!