Latest Candidate: Plastic Clothes Tags

The latest candidate to be subjected to BIN 101 has been nominated by regular reader and fabulous blogger Just Gai. It's the silly little plastic tag that's used by several high street stores to give their clothing range that more upmarket edge. Here's what Just Gai had to say on the matter.

"The other week I bought a dress in the Per Una section of M&S. I don't often shop there but it was a bargain - reduced from £45 to £15 - and I couldn't resist. However, when I unpacked it at home I discovered that, in addition to the card swing tags displaying size, price and washing instructions, it also carried a completely useless plastic tag. M&S are doing their bit to reduce waste for which they are to be commended, but they could do with losing these pointless tags."

There's no sitting on the fence for me. The Per Una clothes are lovely as they are and don't need any useless tat to prove it. At least the thread they use is fine and that can biodegrade in the composter, but come on, do we need the plastic tag?

So what do you think folks...shall we send Just Gai's contender to BIN 101? I think so, but it's not up to me. Go place your vote now.

And if you really want to follow up on more labelling misdemeanors, why pop over and see what Mrs G had to say about her July Dustbin Demon, the thin plastic tag strip. Whatever happened to the sewn in label eh? No tag, no plastic, just some very thin card.

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