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Do you have things which are too good for the bin but not good enough for recycling.? Nominate them by clicking on the comments link below and have your say!


just Gai said...

The other week I bought a dress in the Per Una section of M&S. I don't often shop there but it was a bargain - reduced from £45 to £15 - and I couldn't resist. However, when I unpacked it at home I discovered that, in addition to the card swing tags displaying size, price and washing instructions, it also carried a completely useless plastic tag.

M&S are doing their bit to reduce waste for which they are to be commended, but they could do with losing these pointless tags.

I took a photo of the offending article. I can't work out how to attach it to this comment so I will try to send it separately.

Layla said...

Ooh, they are a-plenty!! :)

I'm addicted to pretty shiny things!! :)
/That's why the attic is soo full of them! :)/
May need to rummage through them & select a few, but yeah, pretty clothes tags are definitely among them! :)

Also some pretty pens or such.. from my youth or so, or given.. (unfortunately it seems impossible to get some of them reused)